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Ruizhou leather cutting system is a perfect combination of technique and technology


Ruizhou leather cutting system is a perfect combination of technique and technology. With this machine,you can conduct rapid nesting and efficient cutting operation, while saving time, manpower and material.It works for a wide range of material, like genuine leather and many other kinds of flexible material.It is designed for sample cutting and small bulk production, specially providing a revolutionary cutting solution for footwear, case and bag, car and plane chair, furniture and apparel industries.<br>It adopts vibrating knife cutting technology, without having to forge die cutter, which saves the cost and the time on making die cutter, management and storage of die cutter during the process of production. It enables you to grow out of the traditional technique of manual cutting forever. And it completely broke through the bottleneck that the enterprises rely on skilled workers and enable the enterprise to take the lead to enter the non-die cutter digital processing era
It features multi-purpose tool head, highly integrating multiple sets of processing tools. It can carry out interactive cutting, punching, drawing in a single period of running time, providing a workflow of production.

It can work out highly-challenged and complex patterns which the die cutter can not realize, thereby extends the designing space of the designer dramatically, creating new-style patterns which can?t be imitated by handwork and making your patterns more attractive, thus reach the level that the buzz word ?creation can go as far ad your imagination can reach? communicates.

It can effectively identify flaws on leather by using the projector or camera to capture leather contour. And the user can adjust the cutting direction as he like in accordance with the texture
of natural leather material, so as to increase the output of finished-products and reduce material
loss; and eventually increase the effective rate of utilization of the materials.

All operations are computerized by using computer to simulate the operation process exactly, which rules out the interference from the factors of the workers? mood, knowledge, tiredness and other personal factors happened in traditional cutting, thus avoid hidden waste and increase the utilization rate of the materials.
The user can make timely correction to the patterns, which avoid investing the time on developing
and making samples, and meet the fast-changing market demands through quick sample making and error correction. You are supposed to achieve 2-3 days of time advantage over your competitors in terms of correction of the same kind of samples, thus helping you quickly seize the marketopportunities.

The cutting speed of Ruizhou digital leather cutting machine is 4 to 6 times the speed of traditional manual cutting, which make it possible for quick material input, quick parts outputand quick production. It?s more suitable for the customers who are receiving orders with diverse styles and short lead time.


Ruizhou digital leather cutting machine is controlled by computer. The safe distance of the parts can reach down to 0.1-1mm. It can do continuous cutting, and at the same time avoid the situation of cutting defects by laser cutting machine and errors by manualcutting,thus generate more accurate shoe parts and ensure the quality of product.

With Ruizhou digital leather cutter, you can increase the utilization rate of material by an average of 5% or more, which saves direct cost of leather input.For genuine leather manufacturers or non-leather manufacturers, it will save them considerable material costs throughout the year.
<br>Model - RZCUT-3212 / RZCUT-2510 / RZCUT-1510 / RZCUT-1410 / RZCUT-1007
Cutting Speed - 80cm/s - 120cm /s
Cutting Thickness - 0.5mm ? 6.0mm
Cutting Material - Natural Leather, Artificial Leather, Cardboard, Plastic Board,Gray Board, Synthetic Materials, Underlay, White Board etc
Cutting Tool - Vibrating Knife Cutting Tool, Punching Tool, Drawing Tool
Cutting Area(Length*Width) - 3200mm×1200mm / 2500mm×1000mm /1500mm×1000mm / 1400mm×1000mm / 1000mm×700mm

Pen Type - Ordinary Signing Pen, Oil Pen, Ball Pen or Silver Pen
Pen Parameters - Pen, Half-cut and Full-cut can be set to 8 different types
Vacuum Plate - Vacuum based on Cells
Mechanical Resolution - 0.07mm
Software Resolution - 0.025mm ? 0.01mm ? 0.1mm optional
Transmission Interface -Standard Serial Interface, Parallel Port
Buffer Size - Once-and-for-all high-speed transmission
Command System - Language of HP-GL and GP-GL
Control Panel - LCD Display, Touch Button, Touch Screen
Host Power - AC220V±10%,50HZ
Vacuum Power -5.5KW/9KW, AC380V±10%,50HZ
Hold-down Method - Vacuum Suction

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