Dual-head CNC Leather Cutting Machine - SS-1530 2H-RZCUT

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It is the first generation of dual-head CNC leather cutting machine with full patent in China


It is the first generation of dual-head CNC leather cutting machine with full patent in China. It adopts a rolling-belt design which brings a complete production line with three working areas on the same table surface, the first one for nesting, the next one for cutting and the last one for collecting. Therefore, itrevolutionarily increases productivity and cut down the labor cost.It integrates nesting, cutting and collecting in one work flow and thus provides the clients with a onestation leather cutting solution.
High productivity With two cutting tools working at the same time, the productivity is increased by over one fold ompared with normal flatbed leather cutter. It is able to reach a daily production of between 800-1000 pairs of shoes and completely meets the demand of massive production. Fast cutting It adopts a hanging-arm and sliding-rail design, which minimizes the rub and resistance force against the tool heads and enables the tool heads running smoothly and quickly?and the running speed of each tool head is increased by 100% in contrast to normal flatbed leather cutter. Practical solution It combines nesting, cutting and collecting functions, no need to use an extra nesting machine or feeding roller, which makes operation more simple, more convenient and more practical. Saving on time, material and space Dual high-speed tool heads remarkably increases productivity, and interactive nesting between the perator and the cutting system enhances the utilization rate of material. In addition, the compact design
Smart nesting in section For large-size genuine leather or synthetic material in rolls, we can choose the nesting function of dividing the material into a few small sections, which means a continuous nesting in section based on the size of the material sheet. And then, the cutting system is able to recognize the sectional area to cut. In this way, it successfully avoids the waste of material which is caused by the limited nesting space of the table surface for large size material and practically enhances the utilization rate of material by 5%. Dual cutting heads work in opposite direction It applies a multi-task operation system which makes the each cutting heads run in its own path without any confliction. It allows two separated tool heads cutting on different parts simultaneously,and therefore increases productivity by over one fold. Non-interference Collecting The rolling table surface makes collecting easy and quick, without causing any interference with nesting and cutting process, thus enables the machine running with non-stop.
Model - RZCUT-1530 2H Characteristic - Synchronic operation between computer and cutter, rapid data transmission which can be accessed to continuously Cutting Speed - 90cm/s - 120cm /s Cutting Thickness - 0.1mm ? 4.0mm Cutting Material - Natural leather, Artificial leather, Cardboard, Plastic board, Complex materials, Fiber sheet etc. Cutting Tool - Rotating/Vibrating knife cutting tool, Punching tool, Pressing tool Working Area - 1500mm×1000mm×3 Optional Pen Type - Ordinary signing pen, oil pen, ball pen, silver pen Hold-down Method - Vacuum suction based on cell Machine Resolution -0.07mm Software Resolution - 0.025mm ,0.01mm,0.1mm optional Transmission Interface - Standard Serial Interface / Parallel Port / Net Port Control System - CNC Leather Cutting System Command System - Language of HP-GL and GP-GL Control Panel - Touch Control LCD Display Transmission Materials Straight line guide track/Synchronous belt/Imported synchronous belt Vibrating Knife Tool - The motor of vibrating knife tool takes 12000-20000 rotate/min Setup Dimension - 3140mm*2450mm*2340mm Host Working Voltage- AC 220?±10%,50HZ Vacuum Pump Working Voltage Power Consumption - AC 380?±10%,50HZ Power Consumption - 15 KW (Among which vacuum pump takes up 12.5KW) Projector - Projection takes place on separate zones for Nesting and Collecting

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